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Amrop China is a unique and trust-earning talent and leadership effectiveness advisory, shaping sustainable success through inspiring leaders in China.  

A privately held, locally owned and continuously evolving boutique since 1988, Amrop China garners and uses its leadership knowledge and insight to help its highly selective and discerning mid-to-larger-sized and family-business clients make the best board and senior management team design and talent acquisition decisions and delivers results that enable them to attain lasting impacts in their enterprises.  

What Differentiates us?

Our team distinguishes itself by: 

  • Combining partners with extensive international and China senior management experience with those having long leadership and search consulting experience, or both.  To be client-centric we always put ourselves into their shoes first.
  • Not being satisfied with what we already know.  For each client we deep-dive to study and learn their business, so that we rapidly understand their business and organization contexts – industry, business, strategy, drivers, CSFs, culture – and their most pivotal business and organization issues and opportunities
  • Our learning attitude and research ability are further augmented by our strong associate team, the most stable in the industry as we truly believe in providing them a progressively developing career.
  • Finally, our partners and associates collaborate their different expertise synergistically and situationally, to maximize value-adds to our individual clients’ different needs at different times.

Our firm distinguishes itself by:

  • As life-time business partners to our selective key clients, we insist on being a Boutique, agile and highly customized, and prefer to partner with less but collaborate much deeper and develop and maintain senior touch with all their key decision makers, to continuously provide them our best advice on an on-going and proactive basis.
  • As we are single-mindedly missioned to help our clients attain enterprise success and sustainability, we are at our best serving Family businesses, entrepreneurs, PE portfolio-companies and mid-to-larger-sized companies that are globalizing, transforming, digitizing, listing, merging & acquiring, succession planning or next-generation developing, or just looking for breakthroughs. 
  • Against each client’s unique challenge, we use our expertise to provide specially tailored solutions encompassing executive search, ramp-up steering, in-depth board / leadership team diagnosis and alignment, executive assessment, and coaching, etc.  
  • We are knowledgeable of most industries but have solid experience in Consumer & New Retail, various Industrials & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Digitization and Not-For-Profit.
  • Our competency is very “glocal”, leveraging our deep China insight with regional and global knowledge and perspective.  Our local and international clients expanding from or into China will benefit from our close collaboration with ~200 Amrop partners from ~50 countries for their globalization effectiveness.
  • We are strong believers of providing nothing except the highest value, quality, discreetness, truthfulness, ethical standards, plus “always putting clients’ and executives’ best interests first” – they are a given and never to be compromised, or we won’t take a new client or assignment up or provide our recommendation.


We recognize that our role in protecting personal data is critical – on behalf of our clients, our candidates and Amrop’s executive search professionals. We are committed to ensuring that all personal data shared and processed within Amrop is protected, private and secure.

Read about Amrop’s approach to data protection here.

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