There’s never been a more complex time to be a leader.

Leading with Purpose

At Amrop, we have long believed that today’s ethical, ecological and societal challenges call for executives who are not just accomplished and smart, but wise. Smart leaders become wise when they address and resolve the dilemmas of modern business in a holistic way. With the many global issues we face, there’s a need for businesses to embrace their role within the social fabric, accepting the responsibility to think beyond the bottom line and effecting positive change in society. 

But to establish a foundation of purpose, organizations must first develop and attract purposeful leaders.

Purposeful Leadership is an actionable philosophy for driving impact and long-term value creation for people, the planet and profits.


Our Purposeful Leadership model illustrates the holistic approach of three pillars of leadership success required to overcome sustainability challenges and steer a future-proof business model.

Purposeful Leadership consists of three pillars — all essential for the success of C-suite executives and Board members. All three must be interwoven in order for Purposeful Leadership to reach its full potential:

We Are Committed to Purposeful Leadership

Wisdom Sustainability

We are deeply committed to the principles of DEI, and we strive to bring them to life through our search, hiring, onboarding and team building processes.

Wisdom Sustainability

We have implemented key qualifying questions to identify and assess Purposeful Leaders in our search practice.

Wisdom Sustainability

We use our platform, channels and trusted industry voice to amplify the importance of Purposeful Leadership.

Lead with Purpose

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