The effects of globalization

Considering that the service sector in Latvia is one of the fastest growing and most widespread, the need for appropriate and capable talent is significant. The industry is becoming increasingly multicultural and global, which is one of the management challenges - how to lead and benefit from an international team and gain a place in cross-border markets.

How can global compliance and local responsiveness be credibly engineered? How can centralization and decentralization be coordinated? Can specialization and generalization be better integrated? How to preserve balance between focusing on core competencies and expanding horizons, while at the same time remaining brand reputation unharmed? These are top questions that our clients face and address us. 

Our Approach and Focus

Amrop professional services industry practice is draw upon years of direct personal experience and deep industry knowledge to guarantee our clients' success.

Amrop partners have comprehension and practice in global professional services firms and understand the demand for top leadership talent. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address talent needs in a way that no one else can.