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Amrop's Luxembourg office serves multinationals with operations in Luxembourg, providing Executive Search, Leadership Assessment and Development, and Board Services.

Executive Search

Executive Search is a time-sensitive and intricate undertaking. In today’s highly competitive local and global market, companies can’t afford to make mistakes with talent acquisition. Knowledgeable and efficient recruiting can make the difference between simply competing and consistently winning new clients. Our work consists of intense research on a local and international scale, deep industry knowledge and unconditional care and confidentiality. Careers and reputations hang in the balance. We act accordingly, providing our clients - and the prospective members of their team – with complete professionalism and absolute discretion.

We understand the market

We command an extensive national, regional and international expertise and executive network, having recruited Top Executives and Independent Directors from all over the world for diverse Financial, Industrial or Digital clients.

We have a sound strategic search process

There is no such thing as a good or bad recruitment or candidate per se. The secret of a successful recruitment is to develop a comprehensive and rational strategy to find the right candidate for a specific position, in a specific company, at a specific moment in time.

Our key to successfully serving our clients is finding the perfect match between all these factors through an effective strategic search process. Our search is based on the sound understanding of your company, its history and culture. After this first step, we identify the best candidates in the target companies we have chosen together, conduct interviews and recommend to you only the best in class, who perfectly fit the position, your company, its objectives and strategy. We conduct reference checks on the successful candidate(s), facilitate the negotiation of the offer and follow-up the recruitment by checking on the candidate’s integration in your company.

We deliver results

Through systematic work and based on our excellent knowledge of the market, we provide quick and effective results to our clients.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Your Leadership Team is your most critical resource. Armed with the right mix of personalities and complementary skills, a highly effective executive team can make the difference to the company’s success.


  • Leaders today need to become innovators or risk becoming irrelevant
  • Companies need innovative leadership and business models in order to compete
  • The corporate culture is shifting from “make things better” to “make different things”.

The purpose of our Assessment and Development Programs is for executives to:

  • Feel empowered by possibilities they did not see before, thus raising their effectiveness to new levels
  • See a clear path forward and be ready to jump into action
  • Become the leaders they need to be to get innovative results and lead with confidence.

Board Services

High-performing boards have a very precise view on what makes them effective. The right blend of talent, leadership, diversity, and the cultural fit of their members, allows them to build together a common strategic vision for the company.

Board Performance (Assessment, Development and Composition)

Our work consists in assessing and developing members of boards to become effective and strategic at individual level and as a Board. We help transform process-driven boards into behaviour-driven boards, beyond basic compliance to a high-performing, strategic and future-ready asset.

Succession Planning

Succession planning at board level is an intricate process that helps ensure continuity and the sustainability of board vision and performance. Board composition, balance, long-term vision and performance over time are critical, as are creative efforts to build the board candidate pipeline.

Establishing and maintaining entrepreneurial, independent company boards with the right skills and diversity depends on robust board succession planning. We help our clients establish good corporate governance processes by helping them plan the periodical refreshment of engaged, competent, transparent and inclusive boards.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is a prerequisite of a high-performing board. Good corporate governance consists in ensuring diversity of thinking by including different points of view and eliminating bias from the ‘ideal’ director profile. We advise our clients on how to create a high-performing boardroom environment that fully harnesses the benefits of diverse profiles and encourages all board members to contribute and constructively challenge assumptions and perspectives.

A diverse and inclusive board sets the tone that D&I is important to the organization by keeping it on the company’s agenda, asking the right questions, monitoring the relevant data and communicating to the Executive Team the importance of this issue.



We recognize that our role in protecting personal data is critical – on behalf of our clients, our candidates and Amrop’s executive search professionals. We are committed to ensuring that all personal data shared and processed within Amrop is protected, private and secure.

Read about Amrop’s approach to data protection here.

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