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There is not a company in the world that doesn’t feel the urgency for digital transformation. But that doesn’t imply that every company tackles the process thoroughly and systematically by choosing the only right way; a fundamental reassessment of their business operation. As a result, many companies mainly invest in symptom relief on the surface. They don't realize that true digital transformation is driven from the core of the organization and takes place at every level of the organization. From strategical to tactical, from the boardroom to the work floor, every level requires a customized solution, and customization requires specialists. As a result, there are many companies that invest vast amounts of money but end up doing too little. It is estimated that on average companies allot a budget of 75% where actually 150% is needed in order not to fall behind. But since the absolute amount of the investment seems high, their approach easily feels robust. But appearances are deceptive.

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Digital transformation requires the right knowledge and experience at every level. The big problem is that in many cases knowledge and experience in digital transformation in the boardroom is inadequate. A ‘substantial’ budget for digital provides a sense of false security. Too often people don't know what they don't know; the unknown unknowns in digital transformation are numerous. As a consequence the foundation for digital transformation is subconsciously decayed and makes the building collapse when the first storm hits.

Digital transformation requires the right leaders at every level. Each with his own knowledge, experience and specialism. This starts in the board; their primary responsibility should be to remove the false sense of security, comfort, and routine by trying to uncover all the factors that are yet unknown


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