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Leaders For What's Next - through Context Driven Executive Search

We pride ourselves on bringing results-driven solutions

Amrop researchers and consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organisation. A senior Amrop partner is involved in every search assignment until its successful completion.



To ensure the effectiveness of multi-country and international search assignments, Amrop leverages the strength of its global network. Typically, a project team comprises consultants from countries where the search is being conducted and who understand both the local and global context in which the search will take place. Consultants with specific industry expertise are also involved. Multi-country assignments are coordinated by a lead consultant who acts as the primary interface with the client.

Curious about the context driven process? Read it here.

Functional approach
1General Management

General Management

The leadership role in any organization, private or public, is expected demonstrate the skills to set the direction in a variety of subjects. The best CEO’s; General Managers or other titles of leaders set the direction with the corporate leadership team in vison, strategy and resource alignment. They align the organization, the different teams and processes in an healthy and open environment with trustful engagement amongst the team leaders and members. Stakeholder management with all key inside and outside stakeholders is a natural asset of the great leaders we meet at Amrop. The distinctive leaders are whole hearted, inspirational and trustful leaders who do give honest but straight and fair direction to the organization. On a daily basis we love the interaction with the great inspiring leaders, as clients or as candidates. This is why we at Amrop formulated the mission statement “creating sustainable success through inspiring leaders”.


CFO Practice

The proper label for today's CFOs is probably “CFIOs” or “CFDTOs”. The current demand for information management or digital transformation increases the CFO’s impact in organizations. These leaders can be seen as the guardians of business processes; for they do not only provide true insight but real foresight as well. They have become ‘the financial conscience’ of the company in times of enormous change; the countervailing balance in management teams with a hunger for growth. Their leadership requires a DNA of both bravery and risk aversion; a wonderful combination of guts and discipline. Leaders with those qualities ensure sustainable growth of the company; they are tomorrow’s CFOs. 


Find the right COO or managing director

Leadership is the key to the future. The industry desperately needs visionaries who can navigate in a business environment of constant change. Shifting gear, experimenting, pioneering, for instance by developing new initiatives in (regional) field labs and smart hubs in which companies, educational and knowledge institutions collaborate. Leaders with both imagination and decisiveness are desperately needed. It is about seeing and seizing opportunities. The ones who combine dream and action are tomorrow’s top dog. This applies to CEOs, and certainly to COOs. Tomorrow’s top dog will set the pace for the future and continuity of the company by committing to disruptive innovation. Tomorrow’s top dog inspires, he or she is the "connector" that takes everyone in the organization along voluntarily.

4Human Research

Find your ahead thinking HR professional with executive search

The challenges organizations face today are unprecedented; issues such as corona, sustainability, digitization, compliance, diversity / inclusivity present themselves in parallel, unannounced and with full force. A company must respond without hesitation. Doing nothing is not an option. Agility, adaptability and flexibility have become core qualities. With the company's vision in mind and at its heart, CHRO has a sensitive radar for all social, economic and political conditions. He / she always thinks several steps ahead to be able to quickly oversee possible scenarios and assess the impact and implications for different departments.

Find your HR Manager you are looking for

The modern CHRO is a free thinker with guts, creativity, one who can think outside of the box and has an innovative spirit. He / she anticipates, takes the lead, shows initiative to unite purpose, business and external circumstances and embed them in company policy. The best in class are not only leaders in their field, they have understanding of the entire business, have vision, ambition, take initiative and responsibility. They are able to display high level craftsmanship on all fronts. In businesses where the people make all the difference it’s the CHRO that’s firmly in charge of the shop. Our executive search consultants are happy to help you finding these types of professionals for your HR.


From Expert to Leader

Previously expected to be the experts, today GC’s, Chief Legal Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Partners and other senior legal, compliance and regulatory professionals must also be leaders and business partners. Making the shift from expert to leader is not easy and only a minority of current high performers have genuine potential for leadership.

Amrop’s Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice works closely with both in-house functions and legal firms to help them navigate these challenges and attract, develop and retain best-in-class senior legal, compliance and regulatory professionals and executives. In order to optimally support our clients and candidates and in line with our ongoing commitment to the sector, we have developed two additional initiatives. Read more


The right CIO for your company through executive search

There is not a company in the world that doesn’t feel the urgency for digital transformation. But that doesn’t imply that every company tackles the process thoroughly and systematically by choosing the only right way; a fundamental reassessment of their business operation. As a result, many companies mainly invest in symptom relief on the surface. They don't realize that true digital transformation is driven from the core of the organization and takes place at every level of the organization. From strategical to tactical, from the boardroom to the work floor, every level requires a customized solution, and customization requires specialists. As a result, there are many companies that invest vast amounts of money but end up doing too little. It is estimated that on average companies allot a budget of 75% where actually 150% is needed in order not to fall behind. But since the absolute amount of the investment seems high, their approach easily feels robust. But appearances are deceptive.


Executive Search for the marketing sector

Marketing must therefore be represented in all the fibers of a modern organization. All exponents of the company can be both a risk of failure and an opportunity. A modern marketer is an ‘uomo universalis’ ; a generalist who is broadly oriented and who is able to connect with all possible specialists. They have bird of prey sight; total overview and attention to details. They are driven on all fronts to optimize the brand promise innovation. The 9+ experience is their norm but even then they want to go over and beyond.

Find the right marketing professionals with executive search

The best marketers are more than their skills. They have "skin in the game"; a personal need to improve because they believe in what they do. The best leaders in marketing are deeply committed to the continuity of their business. They are willing to stick their neck out to create the optimal experience. They take the lead and are at the forefront of change and improvement. They are their brand. The best marketers do things first for existential reasons, before financial and commercial reasons. They will not compromise on quality. Because the quality of the experience is them.



In a continuously changing world a sales leadership role requires the right balance of capabilities, experience and personality. The capability to build the inter-personal trust, the capacity to listen and to inspire both your own team members and your clients remains essential. Understanding data, translating data into value propositions with a mutual benefit for the clients and your own company is an uncompromised necessary skill for modern sales leaders. At Amrop we enjoy the continuous  interaction with exceptional modern sales leaders and the introduction of the uniquely skilled individuals to our valued customers.

9Non-executive boards / directors

Being critical requires critical self-reflection

Tomorrow's SB is a diverse, professional team that has been around the block many times. A balanced group of active and committed members with each specific specialist knowledge, experience, vision and wisdom, but with a holistic view on the company. A SB is composed on the basis of what will be needed in the future. She refreshes herself to the pulse of  developments; in the company, in the market and in society. Because she knows 'What got us here, won't get us there'. A professional SB regularly questions and 'challenges' her own composition, preferably by seeking consultation of professionals who are just as experienced and critical as they are themselves.

Amrop, more than 40 years of experience as a partner of SB's, "the Leaders for What's Next"

Amrop's quality is to search and select that supervisor with the necessary experience, specialties, culture, nationality, gender and diversity. Diversity and inclusion are the key to the future! Amrop's integral experience and (international) network is extremely powerful and offers the possibility to select from an international and diverse candidate potential. This offers organizations the guarantee to break out of their bubble and to tap into new networks. A new generation of supervisory commissionairs for a new future so that the company can evolve to 'what's next'.

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Let's talk to discuss your talent acquisition needs and better understand who is the right candidate for your company

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