Executive search for the traditional financial services

Traditional financial institutions need to reinvent their existing operation and services in a consolidating market. The best leaders in the field do not only choose the right strategy, they are kings in implementation as well. Execution is key! They walk their talk. Innovation in a traditional environment requires style flexibility; you must be able to make the existing operation more effective and efficient while innovating your business and service portfolio. This calls for entrepreneurial leaders equipped with both vision and firmness.


Executive search for the new financial industry

Fintech startups, on the other hand, are mainly accustomed to success and growth. Their challenge is to contain their hubris and focus on channeling overgrowth into sustainable growth. Their focus should be on professionalization and profitability. The transition from startup to scale up is a different ballgame with different rules. This is for senior executives with a modern mindset only. Leaders who have lived in both worlds and can shift between realities easily. Leaders with their feet on the ground, but their eyes on the horizon.

Find the right leader for the next step 

The only viable alternative for a transformation process – in either reality - is going in all the way. The key is to realize that the journey you embark on is going to be wild and unknown; an adventure where all is still to be discovered. A rite of passage that’s messy, non-linear and anything but flawless. Most important is for each company to follow its own path in order to become their true selves. Anyone who is willing to go headfirst into the unknown has the best shot to turn dream into action. Contemporary leaders are the ones that will bring their company to "what's next".

Sector Specializations
1Asset Wealth Management and FO

An unprecedented disruptive digitization significantly drives innovative business models in the Financial Services sector today.  Emerging trends, including increasing regulatory mechanism, cybersecurity risk applications, social and geopolitical complexities, accelerate the demand for diverse talent and leadership expertise to meet future needs and drive growth. 

Our longtime expertise and experience worldwide have gained us the reputation as forward-thinking, expert advisors in talent strategy for the Asset and Wealth Management, Private Banking, Trust and Fund Services sector.  

A rebounding pandemic world is challenging business structures and shaping the behavioural investment strategies of high-net-worth entrepreneurs and family offices. Regardless of locations, ensuring wealth sustainability and good governance and transitioning the reign to the next generation demands structural alignment to a fast-changing world that requires innovative structures, sustainable investment policies and leadership know-how to meet future demands.

Amrop references a distinguished history working with the most renowned family enterprises - single and larger, multi-family offices - around the globe and has been assisting owners and leadership with board advisory services, talent and leadership recruiting, intervention and succession planning.


The financial services sector has gone through vast technological innovation in the last decade, with disruptive new technologies propelling a wave of fintech companies to the forefront of the world of finance. These new companies are changing the way we save, spend and invest. We work closely with a dynamic portfolio of global consultancy firms, financial software solutions and services providers and technology start-ups operating in a series of disrupting sectors. Our experience across financial services and technology ensures a deep understanding of the relationship between both industries and provides the perfect platform for identifying leaders ready to embrace the future.


In an industry where the threats to business growth are becoming more complex and where the clients’ needs and expectations drastically changed following the pandemic and the resulting economic situation, our global insurance consultants add value to our clients by helping them find, develop and retain their leaders, who will shape the future and bring growth and innovation across life, property and casualty, brokerage and reinsurance businesses.

We have industry access and gravitas that allow us to commit to excellence and we bring deep sector knowledge and expertise in the critical issues that insurance companies are faced with (product management, operations, distribution, governance etc.).

4Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our Private Equity & Venture Capital practice works closely with a diverse range of clients from large and mid cap PE through to Tech Start-ups and incubators. Whether we are supporting them on the M&A, Due Diligence, Operating Partners on the fund side or with Portfolio Managers, Asset Allocators or Analysts on the Debt portfolio sides we are aligned to our clients unique cultures and leadership needs.

Our Private Equity & Venture Capital Executive Search practice works very closely with all our other practice groups as they are highly engaged with our clients on the portfolio side of their businesses – helping them attract and retain transformational talent across the C-Suite and Non-Executive teams.

5Retail & Corporate Banking

Our retail and corporate banking practice is well attuned to the changing market that its clients face. Following the regulatory restructure of the sector since the crisis both retail and corporate banks have been challenged to address a changing landscape driven by customer sentiment and technology.

Leaders are challenged to drive positive and trustworthy cultures while delivering value and transparency across service lines. Traditional firms struggle with adapting legacy platforms and operations while the challengers of last decade struggle to scale. All of these conditions drive the need for authentic and multi-skilled leaders from inside and outside the sector.

6Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking practice has worked alongside its clients through many market cycles. Now more than ever we are helping our Corporate Finance and Capital Market partners to add the leadership teams required to navigate the turbulent economic climate.

Alongside our front office teams (in partnership with our Digital Practice), our Risk, Security and Compliance specialists are helping our clients deliver best-in-class regional and global leadership teams in these highly competitive and sought after roles.

7Government Bodies

Regulatory frameworks have become increasingly complex and a huge challenge for the financial services industry and its regulators.

Market participants and regulators are faced with permanent demand for highly qualified professionals, enabling seamless compliance and supervision.

Our Government/Regulatory practice supports the regulators and the financial services firms finding suitable key function holders willing and able to build and maintain efficient and effective risk and compliance management organizations.

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