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Amrop Code of Professional Practice

In its actions towards Clients, Candidates and Colleagues, Amrop commits to a Code of Professional Practice in accordance with six Amrop Values and Standards of Excellence, for which the Amrop Board and Membership Committee are guarantors, and as set out below. This Code of Practice is integrated into the admittance, onboarding and practice of Amrop Offices, Partners and Staff.

Amrop's Global Values


The ability to adapt quickly and easily.


Displaying kindness and concern for others.


A strong desire to know or learn.


Moral principles that govern conduct.


The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.


The action of including or being included within a group of structure.


We work collaboratively and flexibly to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. We:

  • offer innovative and tailored solutions in critical leadership domains
  • exercise proactivity and fast response at all times
  • are on a quest to evolve as individuals and as an organization
  • are able and willing to challenge established convictions and assumptions
  • help each other to try, fail, learn, and try again.


We are forward looking, and exercise an ‘explorer’ mentality in our quest for knowledge. We:

  • implement a ‘context driven’ approach; based on our Clients’ business, market and leadership needs
  • invest in proprietary Thought Leadership to keep abreast of Client and Candidate needs
  • participate in Amrop’s formal learning programs and transfer new knowledge into our Client and Candidate interactions
  • actively seek to learn about and understand other cultures, national and organizational.


We pay keen attention to processes and outcomes. We:

  • take all measures to ensure the robustness of Amrop processes and tools, across our global footprint
  • benchmark Amrop processes and practice with best-in-class peer organizations
  • check Client and Candidate satisfaction levels at pre-agreed milestones of an assignment
  • replace a placed Candidate who leaves under pre-agreed conditions within a pre-agreed time frame, and respecting pre-agreed fees.


We show consideration and value for people as individuals. We:

  • are Trusted Advisors to our Clients, assuring sustained, personal attention at senior levels
  • follow up on the satisfaction of Clients and Candidates
  • exercise ‘reflection in action’ in our dealings with others, checking biases before forming conclusions
  • create space for constructive feedback sharing
  • train, coach and mentor Amrop Partners, Consultants, Researchers and Associates


We conduct business in a way that is transparent and honest. We:

  • present clear, fair and competitive proposals to Clients and Candidates
  • take all measures to avoid conflicts of interests
  • refrain from presenting a Candidate to more than one organization at the same time
  • refrain from approaching a placed Candidate for opportunities outside the Client organization
  • are committed to the strictest confidentiality in our business conduct.


We nourish ‘diversity of demographics and of thought’. We:

  • exercise objectivity, cross-checking for signs of preferential treatment or exclusion of individuals or groups
  • visit Clients in pairs to ensure a relevant blend of expertise and perspectives
  • strive to present a diverse range of Candidates, in terms of demographics and mindset
  • invest in virtual and physical platforms to share knowledge and expertise across geographies and cultures
  • build Amrop teams and workgroups across cultural borders

A member of AESC

Amrop is a proud member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), the professional association of firms that represents exemplary standards in executive search and leadership advisory worldwide. Since 1959, AESC had set the standard for quality and ethics in our profession across the globe.