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The Amrop Journey: Context Matters

We believe that context matters to successful executive search. Our Context Driven process is a rigorous approach to understanding each individual search and how it relates to the success of your business. Because we’re on the ground in local markets around the world, and have built our own businesses in each, we’re uniquely attuned to the nuances and intricacies of these key contexts.


Business Context 

Differences in markets, customers, business models, operating strategies and tactics, values and visions drive unique search criteria for top management. We take the time to understand how your business functions on a global, regional and local basis, and how these practices are likely to evolve, to ensure candidates match to your business context.


Cultural Context

Doing business internationally means bringing together people who may be worlds apart. That’s why we immerse ourselves in your firm’s culture to understand its character and the type of people who will be most likely to succeed within it. And with offices staffed by nationals, we can help you navigate local cultures and politics to your best advantage.


Candidate Context

We believe we can serve our clients better by treating candidates better—by understanding their needs and expectations. We handle their information with the greatest confidentiality, and keep them informed throughout. And we help them to better understand your firm to help ensure the position we’re offering is the right one for them.


Financial Context

To attract top talent, you have to know the financial context in which an offer will be evaluated. We guide you in creating an offer that reflects the realities of local and global markets, and your firm’s resources. As financial considerations are only part of a package, we provide added perspective to help you assemble a competitive offer.


Service Context

We share your goals and expectations and work hard to consistently exceed them. Our Context Driven process is, by its nature, built around your needs and an understanding of your organization, its values, and way of working. As your representative in the talent market, we help to shape positive images of your firm every time we engage in a search.


Senior Attention

Our consultants and partners, all business leaders themselves in their home markets, are at your side through every step of your client journey with us. We make sure you get senior attention, every time.


Global Partnership

Our worldwide partnership of founder-led businesses means we understand the word ‘global’ as much as ‘local’. Together with our strongly collaborative culture, we make sure that our clients are always at the centre of everything we do. 

We never compromise on quality, and work on the basis of project exclusivity and retained consulting services.

Why choose Amrop?

We Deliver Outcomes

We offer solutions to your problems, not just predefined products and services. We reduce uncertainties and create new opportunities and value for your business.

Senior Attention

Our clients get the high-touch, partner-led experience of a specialist boutique firm, with senior attention, engagement, availability and accountability, all the way and every time. The partner that pitches delivers the service.

Focused Expertise

We have built real expertise across all industry sectors and functional areas, and combine them with nuanced insights and meaningful points of view on talent market trends.

We are Context Driven

Our advice and approach are entirely tailored to every individual project. We make it a priority to listen and to frame our clients’ unique context, understanding their current situation, strategic objectives, strengths and challenges.

Our Unique Anchorage

From Singapore to Santiago, we are one of the largest leadership and executive search consultancies. Across Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas our expertise and track record helps us deliver local, regional and global projects. Our coverage means unfettered access to executive leaders, everywhere.

Largest Market Challenger

Our business model is distinctive, and we stand out. As a partnership of independent firms our boundaries are unlimited, and we are not restricted by cumbersome conflicts of interest.

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