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There is not one major contemporary company that can’t be called a civil society organization anymore. Businesses are increasingly being held accountable in the public domain. There’s a permanent spotlight of the public opinion on all business affairs. Business and the public domain have become inseparably intertwined. In a closely connected world, no company stands in isolation. Everything works together. Oil companies strive for a more sustainable world. Railways and airports are inextricably linked to better mobility, technology companies innovate for vital health care and financial institutions design the global food supply. Traditional businesses are rapidly transforming into hybrid organizations where commercial results constantly go hand in hand with public interest. 

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The perfect leaders for these hybrid organizations are people who are able to see what is not yet there but could be. They are inspired and led by a belief-like vision. They are driven by a higher purpose. To accomplish this, they are keen to make new connections and form chains of like-minded people across sector boundaries. They navigate the zeitgeist, learn, adapt, act. They turn day-to-day issues into win-win situations for the company and for the world around them. They do so by being agile, by reinventing the game, the rules, the conventions. They replace the old for the new; they open up the hatches to change. They know who is able to see what is not yet there has a world to win.

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