Amrop boosts LATAM presence with new firm in Brazil.


Amrop Welcomes New Member Firm in Brazil

Founded in 2014 in São Paulo, Inniti (now Amrop Inniti) serves clients in the domains of Executive Search, Corporate Governance, Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Coaching. The firm’s industry coverage includes Consumer, Industrial, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Technology, Professional Services, Education and Real Estate.

Inniti Founder and Managing Partner Joseph Teperman explained: “Joining Amrop is a major step in our development. Amrop’s strong presence, both in Latin America and globally, enables us to offer our clients and candidates a multinational scope. Our C-suite and board-level positioning, as well as our professional code of conduct, are highly compatible. So too are our core values, such as curiosity, inclusion, and caring. In investing in a global partnership, independence and entrepreneurship have been critical selection criteria for us. Amrop offers the best of both worlds: global standards and local ownership.”

Annika Farin, Chair of the Global Amrop Partnership: “Under the leadership of Joseph Teperman, we fully support the team’s ambition to be recognized as Brazil’s best executive search and leadership firm. The passion, agility and creativity of our new colleagues will find a natural home in Amrop. Inniti represents a new generation of leadership search and advisory firms and has a truly international outlook. We are all looking forward to a rich and stimulating collaboration.”

About Amrop Inniti

Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, Amrop Inniti partners with clients in their search for executives, leadership development, performance management, culture change and engagement. To generate transformation, alignment and results for all stakeholder groups, two core factors are vital: a deep understanding of the characteristics of people and businesses, and a true self-knowledge of motivations and beliefs. Visit the Amrop Inniti website here.