Roland Theuws
Roland Theuws
Global Practice Leader - Energy & Infrastructure / Partner Industry

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A sound mind in a sound body. That’s what’s required of current leaders. We live in an age where change seems to be the only constant. Characterized by highly dynamic and volatile market places and working environments leaders need to be on their toes constantly. This requires fitness; in body, mind and soul.

Energy is the common denominator in Roland’s work. Based on his background as a leader in companies in both conventional and renewable energy sources. But also based on his unremitting energy to perform. “Working in the manufacturing industry makes my portfolio pretty broad.” The recent push in technology and innovation has led to mass variety and hyperspecializing of corporations. Opportunities are literally everywhere for those who see potential and have the ability to develop new markets. In renewable energy, technology and mobility frontiers shift every day.

This requires agility in leadership; an entrepreneurial mindset, a free spirit. Leaders need to see across borders and barriers. Over 25 years of international experience in various businesses and industries is a big benefit in this regard. Roland is seasoned to get under the skin of a business quickly to get a sense of leadership required to accelerate to the next phase. It has given him the advantage to see past the conventional and seek the optimal. There’s an opportunity to grow faster by choosing leaders beyond the usual suspects in the business.

As a global generalist Roland is able to fish in a much broader pond.

“Just like my clients I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I always deliver. I go the extra mile; I go further, dig deeper and work harder to find the exactly the right candidate. Maybe not always the obvious, but always the right one. The one that leads to company to what’s next. I foster sustainable relations that lead to sustainable success. That’s the energy I thrive on."

Leaders for what’s next are often not the usual suspects.