Innovating a dynamic industry

Both the municipal government levels as well as the specialist healthcare service have large digitalization programs that will also contribute in the future to the population being able to receive healthcare services at all levels. The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are undergoing expansions as well. New business models are bringing change for traditional organizations and at the same time creating exciting opportunities for new players. Companies have to address market pressure on their top lines, while continuing to deliver growth, profitability and expansion and keeping better, more cost-efficient patient outcomes, at the fore. This is all happening in the face of patent expiration, intensifying generic competition and ever-increasing regulatory complexity.

Our Experience

Over the past decade Amrop Norway has assisted in recruiting leaders for the Life Science and Health Care sector in Norway. These are governmental authorities in research and education as well as executives for all the regional healthcare authorities involving CEO positions and senior management. We have assisted in establishing boards of directors in both private and public sectors. For more than 35 years, Amrop Norway has built and maintained a broad network enabling us to rapidly identify the most relevant candidates, and we have strong relationships with market leaders in core segments such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical technical Equipment
  • Diagnostics
  • Private healthcare Services
  • Local government healthcare services
  • Public healthcare services
  • Research and development

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