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Today’s leaders are required to navigate a rapidly changing business environment in a global market. At the same time, the classical leadership questions remain unchanged. How do we assemble and build the right team? How do we train our people to gain influence? How do we promote a culture that supports our corporate strategy? Who in our organisation are the right «Leaders For What’s Next»?

Making the right business decisions at the right time requires the right insight and collaboration. When you let Amrop support your decision making, your strategies and actions, you are supported by the most dedicated, sharpest and most affable professionals in the industry. Like you, we are leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and specialists as well!

Leadership development

Leadership is all about influence. What kind of leadership communication and behaviour will generate the wanted organisational changes? In Amrop Norway we pour from the best source of knowledge: the empirical research of leadership behaviours and psychological mechanisms which triggers the desired changes. Our dedicated specialist in this area is both an organisational psychologist and a researcher. He has specialized in turning dry, empirical knowledge into practical and trainable leadership skills.

Consequently, we in Amrop Norway have access to a powerful portfolio of leadership development services. We support individual leaders in in a pickle with the same professional precision and warmth as when designing engaging and efficient leadership development programs for your organisation.


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