Industry challenges

The scale of the energy transition is unparalleled and will affect all sectors, some dramatically. Ever more companies are seeing the opportunities: innovation and efficiency have helped put the green energy business case on the map – and by association, whole countries. In order to accomplish the climate goals, set in Paris, the energy transition will need to accelerate. The need for guaranteed access to affordable, safe, reliable and sustainable energy remains. But to combat the deterioration of the climate, fossil fuels will have to be substituted by sustainable, renewable sources. This requires a radical change in the way energy is generated, transported, stored, consumed and saved. The energy transition is probably the greatest challenge of our time; the entire ecosystem of energy supply and demand needs to be revised.

Global energy transition – a growing movement

The global economy is under relentless competitive pressure, with sustainable innovations often requiring significant investments, or being difficult to scale up. As the energy transition gains momentum, it’s becoming clear that whilst the challenges are many, so too are the opportunities. Companies can and must look forward to jointly growing new markets, backing their pioneering role with solid investments. And as the Paris goals already risk missing the mark, urgency is concentrating minds and money as never before.

Our Expertise

Amrop Norway works with stakeholders in the sectors to attract innovative and competent leaders with strong strategic skills, abilities to further develop the organization and ensuring efficient utilization of resources.

We specialize in executive leadership roles and board recruitment. We understand the energy and infrastructure business contexts and has deep insight into the relevant market segments. This enables us to identify top candidates who fit each client’s unique culture, structure, strategic objectives and business requirements.

We also understand the drivers of a new multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce. We can assist management in designing a compelling employee value proposition to attract and retain highly skilled executives with leadership qualities and resilience to lead their firm.

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