Building Digital Leadership across the organisation

Most companies already understand the potential of digitalization to revolutionize business models and operations. As digital skills are required across the organisation, their development cannot be left to chance: Digital leadership skills need to be built systematically and the recognized digital leaders coached for performance. Digital leadership in all functions is a key success factor for any business today.

At Amrop we understand digital leadership as a rising capability that drives business. In order to help assess and develop digital leadership skills, we have developed Amrop's Digital Competency Model (ADCM). Based on our research the key digital competencies that characterize leaders in high-performing organisations are:

Digital Strategy
More visionary and more able to create human and social value. They are typically also more commercially orientated.

Digital Skills
More confident in managing a wide spectrum areas: from big data to large scale partnerships. More abreast of security needs across the business.

Digital Organisation
A wider, more globalized outlook and a greater ability to connect digitization and business needs.

Digital Culture
A more forward-looking, ‘stretch’ & adaptive mindset, with a higher-order ability to cultivate moral excellence in digitization.


These qualities go beyond the CIO/CDO and their organisations into key leadership roles. Amrop's Digital Practice team helps in finding talent with the right combination of these capabilities and leadership experience.

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