Accelerating digital transformation

The digital transformation takes place at every level of an organisation. Every level requires a customized solution, and customization requires specialists.
Digital transformation starts with a leadership assessment of the leaders and their teams. We map their skills and experience gap. The transformation then embarks on an executive search strategy to identify the leaders who really have the needed digitals skills and experience.


Amrop's Approach and Focus

Our global Digital Practice team has deep technology and digital knowledge, combining functional and sector experience, a global approach and valuable insights on local talent markets. Our subsector experts bring even more focused understanding of areas such as Cloud, SaaS, Fintech, Data and Cybersecurity. We have observed an emerging trend among digital business leaders moving between CEO roles in tech or digital service providers and CIO/CDO roles in large companies with a focus on digital products and services.

In Finland we have a strong digitally focused team of partners and consultants who work in the intersection of talent in digital, strategy and consulting leadership roles, often in international assignments.

Sector focus

  • Cloud, SaaS, Apps
  • AI, ML, Data and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Telecom
  • Media & Entertainment
  • CIOs, Non-Executive Directors
  • Fintech

Our Technology & Digital Experts

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