From Complexity to Sustainability

From connected energy grids to AI and factories of the future, the physical world is becoming increasingly digitized. Simultaneously, sustainability is becoming increasingly important within industry, with global agreements and targets to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Insightful organizations and their leaders are now balancing between tackling the challenges while seizing the opportunities.

Companies need leaders who can create clarity and simplicity into these complex challenges to reach sustainable business success.

Amrop's Approach and Focus

Our global Industrial Practice of more than 30 partners and consultants brings broad understanding of the changes industrial companies are facing both on global level and in local settings.

Amrop Finland has been working with industrial clients since 1991 and has a strong track record of helping clients find leaders from different industrial sectors to complement existing talent. With services becoming an increasingly important part of industrial companies' business, our experience from various services sectors has proven to be even more important in identifying and attracting new high-performing talent.

Sector Focus

  • Aerospace, Aviation & Defence
  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Building Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Paper & Packaging

Our Industrial Experts

We want to hear about your context and specific needs. Reach out to our industry experts to set up a meeting.