Adapting to Challenges

With the ongoing development in technology and regulation, the whole Financial Services industry is facing exciting yet challenging times. In addition, players in the market need to find their own strategies to deal with the global pressures of industry consolidation and pandemic recovery as well as the impact of ESG expectations on financing in all industrial sectors.

With these challenges, leaders in the Financial Services industry require future-orientation and digital savviness to help their companies grasp the opportunities presented rather than fall victim to disruption. International experience is every day more important to understand the implications of trends in the increasingly global industry.

Amrop's Focus & Approach

Our global Financial Services Practice draws upon years of personal experience and deep industry knowledge of its Partners to develop Amrop's collective understanding of the requirements for leadership in the industry. With its market insights and relationships in all relevant financial market segments, Amrop can introduce to clients senior leaders who find themselves at home in all key financial hubs in the world.

The Finnish Amrop team works in close collaboration with Amrop's Financial Services focused partners in the Nordics, typically serving Nordic clients in their leadership needs. In addition, we have strong experience from the real estate sector, especially from financing and advisory oriented roles.

Sector Focus

  • Asset, Wealth Management & Family Offices
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Retail & Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Insurance
  • Risk Management

Our Financial Services Experts

We want to hear about your context and specific needs. Reach out to our industry experts to set up a meeting.