Managing Global Movement

The Transportation, Shipping & Logistics industries have a growing importance in today's connected world of global markets. As digital solutions enable instant information flow, technologies such as digital twins and cloud-based transportation management systems are making operations more fluent. At the same time, for instance new fuel alternatives are being considered as a solution for reducing the environmental impact of the physical flow of goods. Furthermore, people-focused transportation companies are transforming their customer experience with the help of digital solutions.

With such challenges and opportunities, leaders in the sector need a strong substance knowledge in logistics, appreciation for ESG demands and a keen interest in understanding how to transform their business to capitalize on new technologies, digitalization and vertical integrations.

Amrop's Approach and Focus

Amrop's global Transportation, Shipping & Logistics Practice combines deep local market experience with its understanding of global trends and the expectations they set on leaders in the industry.

In Finland Amrop has been working especially with leading companies in the logistics and maritime sectors as well as in supply chain as a function, building broad experience and strong networks in goods, people and information flow.

Sector focus

  • Maritime & Shipping
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Rail
  • Road

Our Transportation, Shipping & Logistics Experts

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