Eine Revolution ist in vollem Gange

Diese Marktveränderungen hinterlassen ihre Spuren. Das traditionelle Geschäftsmodell des Einzelhandels hat sich komplett gewandelt: Online, Mobile und Discounter verändern die Dynamik der Einzelhändler. Diese müssen sicherstellen, dass sie relevant und wettbewerbsfähig bleiben.

Konsumgüterunternehmen müssen sich mit der sich schnell verändernden Verbrauchernachfrage auseinandersetzen. Gleichzeitig müssen sie sich den Chancen und Herausforderungen stellen, die sich durch neue Vertriebskanäle ergeben.

In diesem zunehmend komplexen, unbeständigen Umfeld brauchen Unternehmen Führungskräfte, die sich flexibel und wandlungsfähig zeigen, um Leistung und Wachstum zu erzielen.

Unser Ansatz und Fokus

Unsere Partnerinnen und Partner und Researcher kombinieren lokale Marktexpertise mit dem Know-how unserer internationalen Organisation. Wir unterstützen unterschiedliche Unternehmenstypen – vom Fortune-500-Unternehmen bis zum Familienbetrieb. Wir arbeiten eng mit unseren Kundinnen und Kunden zusammen, um lokale, regionale und globale Talente zu identifizieren und evaluieren – passend zur Unternehmenskultur und Strategie unserer Kundensysteme.

Konsumgüter & Retail Practice Team

1Consumer Tech

In the world of consumer tech, our clients compete for the 24/7 attention of their customers enhancing customer relationships and providing immersive experiences with their offerings. New business models, new live and direct selling platforms, artificial intelligence, robotics, and augmented realities force companies to embrace the new ways to conduct business. For the leaders of tomorrow, staying relevant in the constantly evolving world of technology has never been harder.

For many years, Amrop has pioneered the digitalization of our customers helping them to spot the leaders with a digital mindset.

Consumer Tech
2Consumer Products & Services

Consumers are changing their behaviour and preferences, which affects go-to-market strategies and capabilities. Industry players are recalibrating how they segment consumers, prioritize channels, establish product portfolios, position their brands, and deploy service models. Our clients increasingly depend on online and omnichannel as a means of reaching and engaging consumers even in sectors with traditionally low e-commerce penetration.

We assist our clients in this journey to find leaders, build teams and identify the best-in-class skills and experience for these evolving roles.

Consumer Products & Services
3Leisure, Travel and Hospitality

While this sector recorded a recently unprecedented decline across all major categories, it stands on the verge of major change and disruption. The pandemic crisis will reshape the whole industry focusing on health and safety issues as never before, further development of technologies with a special focus on artificial intelligence, managing the cross-regional economic conditions, shifting focus to food delivery, and sustainability.

Amrop recognizes the growing need for leaders capable of delivering an industry step-change, properly identifying and addressing consumer demands.

Leisure, Travel And Hospitality

The luxury sector is rapidly responding to key trends related to store formats, a major shift to digital channels, reshaping business models, streamlining operations, and sharpening customer propositions. Luxury goods manufacturers and retailers are increasing their focus on the omnichannel perspective while also emphasizing the growing importance of sustainability in the whole supply chain. 

Amrop advises across all functions in the luxury goods value chain in order to find, evaluate, and retain the most suitable professionals.

Consumer Shutterstock 1527882050
5Retail & E-commerce

In the retail sector, Covid-19 caused consumer behaviours to change almost overnight, driven by health concerns and limited free access to stores. It also speeded up technological adaption in a way never observed before. The global pandemic proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some players to transform their businesses. Retailers must continue to experiment with new delivery methods and new shopping experiences or reposition assets to better meet the digital demand - reorienting every aspect of their business towards a digital commerce mindset.  

Amrop works with our clients on areas such as digital differentiation and supply chain resiliency, delivering the leaders that can rewrite the rules of the sector, positioning them to win for the future.

Consumer Shutterstock 206498665

The sports business is embodied with passion and competitive spirit - truly global, requiring top talent to be on top of the game, no matter the position.

As the sector is maturing and professionalizing, the whole spectrum surrounding human capital is requiring a new understanding.

Amrop is at the forefront of the game, addressing leadership assessment and recruiting needs: positioned on all continents, able to serve international and national federations, sports brands across all industries, sports agencies, event organizers, and professional clubs.

We share your passion for sport with a dedicated team of sport industry experts, providing unique global coverage to help you elevate your game to a higher level.

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