A revolution in the consumer sector

These market shifts are making their mark. The traditional retail business model has undergone a complete revolution, with online, mobile and discount all changing the dynamics for high street retailers who must ensure that they remain relevant and competitive. Consumer goods companies grapple with fast-changing consumer demand, while addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by new channels to market. New entrants to the marketplace drive innovation while facing all the intricacies of scaling and transitioning founding teams into a different phase.

Within this increasingly complex, volatile environment, companies need leaders who can flex and change to be in the best position to spearhead performance and growth. Competition is intense to attract leaders who are truly able to pave the way in helping companies redefine themselves – and to do so for the long term.

Our Approach and Focus

Amrop’s consumer practice is configured to meet varying demands – our partners and researchers combine local market expertise with the backing of global resources, effectively supporting different types of businesses, from the Fortune 500 company to the family enterprise. We work closely with clients in the cost-effective, robust and sustainable deployment of local, regional and global talent.

Our team has deep insight into the people challenges facing specific market segments - enabling us to identify the talent solutions that will fit each client’s unique culture, structure, business and strategic goals. We also understand the drivers of a new multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce and can assist you in designing the right employee value proposition to attract and retain the best leadership team.