Exceptional leaders for every eventuality

Top management shifts are inevitable: leadership succession demands forward planning and courage. Yet too many boards are ill-prepared for C-level changes. Uncertainty and a breakdown in employee, brand, and shareholder confidence often ensue.

At Amrop, we focus on those executives who play a strategic senior role within an organization. We work with you to establish a robust process to ensure your new leaders are in the right place at the right time, facilitating difficult conversations in board meetings where necessary. Not only do we handle established CEO, CFO, COO, or other CXO roles, we help you scope fast-emerging new roles and new business competencies, leadership skills, and profiles.

As a retained executive search firm, we help you identify, attract and hire the executive leaders who will impact your turnover, productivity, customer loyalty, and profits.


The backbone of succession planning

Organizations that hire and develop exceptional management teams from deep within are better placed to anticipate uncertainty and plan for succession. As your partner on internal senior talent management programs, we help you identify, position, and develop your strongest internal players.

Amrop is much more than a retained search firm. We accompany your organization through its executive life cycle, helping you to plan and facilitate the critical moments.

As C-Suite experts we focus on senior, strategic executives, leveraging their experience and insight to elevate your culture, operations, and performance.

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