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Successful leadership takes many forms. Today’s leaders must navigate a host of rapidly changing global trends in answering the critical life-cycle questions: How do we build teams? Who are our ‘Leaders For What’s Next’? What skills do we need to execute our mission and business model? Strategy, structure, culture, and people are all vital elements of accountability.

Taking the right decisions at pivotal moments requires insight and teamwork. We have a long-standing track record in identifying, assessing, and developing executives and their corporate context. The solid experience of our consultants is supported by a proven set of bespoke tools and approaches.

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1Leadership Assessment

Amrop Switzerland has at its disposal interview methods and test procedures that have been tried and tested over many years and continuously developed to analyze personalities, the behaviors relevant to the position to be filled, and the cultural match with the client system as carefully as possible.
In addition, we have a wealth of experience in working with companies specializing in psychological assessments.

We advise you holistically when it comes to the optimal evaluation of candidates for your needs - tailor-made with our methods or in cooperation with our partners in the assessment field.

Our standard regarding candidate evaluation is that there is no standard but only situationally appropriate solutions.

Leadership Assessment
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