Accelerating digital transformation

Digital transformation has wrought profound change in industries and business models. And that change that is set to continue unabated. Managing it demands strong leadership from Boards, CEOs, and Management teams – in developing digital roadmaps, in executing digital strategy and in fundamentally re-thinking the way companies interact with customers in a global multi-channel environment.

In Germany, AmropCivitas Partners and Researchers combine deep sector knowledge with local market expertise, backed by global resources and integrated cross border key account management. We support large DAX companies as well as medium sized privately owned enterprises. 

Our Approach and Focus

AmropCivitas has long-term partnerships with the clients not only in delivering critical talents – the Leaders For What’s Next™ – but in assessing Boards and Management Teams and implementing Succession Planning and Talent Management Solutions.

Our Partners are entrepreneurs putting themselves in the shoes of the CEO, CIO, CFO, CSO or Managing Director of our clients.

Think of your AmropCivitas Partner as a Trusted Advisor – supporting you and your company throughout these transformation processes.

The Digital Practice of AmropCivitas is led by Christian G. Hirsch and Klaus Ewerth.

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Our Digital Practice is configured to anticipate and respond to demand in:
1AI/Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics

Data-driven executives, their teams, and vital individuals are already playing a pivotal role – one whose importance will only increase.

In this fast-moving world, they juggle multiple perspectives to make decisions that are not only smart, but sustainable.

Big Data has now moved beyond analytics. It has evolved into a whole business culture, one which impacts strategic decision-making via data-driven operating models. It is no longer just about processing high volumes of data or dealing with automation technology. Rather, companies are facing a bigger challenge still – how to apply these developments to organizational transformation, in the right place, at the right time.

In the face of rising demand, we are observing serious shortfalls in mathematical, technical, and analytical profiles. And if academia is fast adapting to this new reality and developing programs to send the next wave of talent into the market, the question remains: how well can these new executives apply their theoretical knowledge to the business context?

AmropCivitas has helped clients to place top-level Chief Data Officers, Data Scientist Leads, Heads of Big Data, Managing Directors of Analytics, Heads of Data Science, and AI/ML lead roles across the spectrum of fast-evolving industries.

Our dedicated team of consultants has built deep relationships with a wide range of skilled and innovative candidates and academics around the world.

2Chief Digital Officers (CDO) & Digital NEDs

As the tide of digitization sweeps across all major industries, all CXOs and Boards must address the impact it can and should have on their organization. Unsurprisingly, the demand for new leadership capabilities, new competencies, and skills, is surging.

In this competitive talent landscape, AmropCivitas has helped clients to place top level Chief Digital Officers and Digital Non-Executive Board roles in a range of industries, from Telecommunications and Banking to High Tech, Consulting and beyond. We can help hiring organizations unpack the leadership requirements and technology challenges surrounding these pivotal roles within their specific organizational context.

Crucially, AmropCivitas will support you to ask the right questions, find the answers, and implement solutions in the right place, at the right time.


Not surprisingly, our clients perceive cybersecurity as a potential disruption or even a threat to their business in both the short and long term. In most cases, people notice a cyber security breach only when it directly affects them. And not only are breaches not always clearly visible, but they may also be more widespread than users actually realize, slipping even under the radar of IT systems administrators.

What’s more, accumulating evidence clearly shows that data breaches are on the rise. Beyond the social harm suffered by those directly affected, the biggest loss to organizations remains the erosion of business, with Boards and CEOs increasingly held responsible and penalized accordingly. Furthermore, well-resourced governments are targeting companies, or influencing the affairs of other states.

And while the Internet of Things and machine learning may offer exciting new ways to protect systems and detect attacks, they may also make attacks more efficient – and allow new types of attack.

AmropCivitas has helped clients to place top level Chief Security Officers and Head of Cybersecurity roles in industries ranging from Telecommunications, Banking, to High Tech, Consulting and more.


The exponential spread of digital has created a host of options for consumers. Information is exchanged in nanoseconds and today’s consumers are increasingly in control. With this new landscape comes new complexity.

When it comes to getting e-commerce to fly, perhaps the biggest leadership challenge lies in mobilizing the whole company towards creating an exceptional digital customer experience. From business support functions to all customer-facing employees. It means directly linking process and business performance, engineering strategic and operational targets that enable management and employees to align their work around measurable customer lifetime value. Furthermore, make, buy, or partner decisions call for different leadership skills. Where – and how – can these be found?

At AmropCivitas, we work with clients to unpick this complex web of challenges and to place the leaders who are best equipped to bring their organizations into a winning position. We guide our clients from different industries, regardless of size, to attract e-commerce Leaders For What’s Next™ from around the globe.

AmropCivitas helps companies which are running their business digitally or would like to transform to online platforms, to position e-commerce leaders and Non-Executive Board recruitments with a digital background.

5Scale-Up, Venture Capital

Such impressive growth trajectories lead to equally impressive leadership challenges. Founders need to leapfrog from one problem set to the next on a seemingly daily basis if they are to stay ahead of the game. From leading through others, to presenting to venture capital investors, to taking tough decisions when realizing that the original team has been outgrown: this is the landscape of digital hypergrowth.

Digitization, as we know only too well, disrupts. It also enables, as the best new players rapidly gain market share and excel. AmropCivitas has been fortunate to assist several Unicorns on their journey through digital hyperdrive.

As one of the largest executive search partnerships of its kind, Amrop offers access to over 50 markets in all continents and is well-positioned to support our clients’ greenfield penetration. Expect global industry experts with local market knowledge, working across borders, together with you. Always with an emphasis on a sustainable leadership result – one that will continue to deliver high performance over time.

Our offer spans Executive Search and onboarding, Market Talent Mapping (also for investors), and Leadership Services. Our Leadership Services team are always included in Leadership Assessment and team development assignments.

6Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment world has been hit by the digital revolution in the most fundamental way and stands on its frontlines. The breakthrough of broadband communication networks, the explosion in handheld home access devices such as smartphones and tablets – these are all driving the transition of providers towards medium-independent content distribution.

Questions leaders in the sector now must answer relate to the choice of technology platforms, the approach to content creation, release management and community activation, as well as the set-up of alternative, borderless distribution channels and new, often digital, payment models.

Not only must these leaders be digital savvy, but they also need the bandwidth to contribute to strategic discussions where technology is in play. To do so in a way that is both pragmatic and far-sighted. Offering a competitive overview that embraces technology, innovation, continuous improvement, and customer insights.

AmropCivitas has supported companies active in multiple media and entertainment sub-sectors: traditional broadcasters and print companies on the path to digitization, telecom operators in becoming triple-play players, online gaming, and location-based service providers in managing their breakthrough processes. Finding and integrating qualified people who can make the difference between preserving the right to play and defining the new rules of the game.


The ongoing digital revolution in the medical sector has led to a new and integrated value chain model. Today, all stakeholders are interconnected: patients, healthcare providers, developers of devices and applications, and third parties such as insurance companies and governmental agencies.

AmropCivitas has supported start-ups and mature players active in different sub-sectors of the Healthtech playing field, to spot and attract these game-changing people. From the Tele-Health providers who are reducing costly hospital stays, to manufacturers of wearable devices, eHealth, and Digital Imaging Solutions, to cybersecurity, AI, 3D Printed Therapeutics and Data Analytics


Over the last decade, Telco organizations have built networked matrix-based and often siloed organizations, integrating processes with third party suppliers, and developing M&A teams to enhance product portfolios and capabilities. Recent focus has been on innovation, while maintaining an efficient utility mindset. The industry has leveraged global mobility and tapped into a global talent pool able to develop powerful competences.

These responses notwithstanding, the changed market conditions have led to a 6% average annual decline in global Telco revenues over the past 5 years. Emerging technology and new competences are beginning to dominate the landscape as Telcos reinvent themselves to focus on new digital solutions: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Cyber Security and 5G network technologies will rewrite the industry’s winning formula.

Bold thinking and actions from executives are required to transform these legacy Telco businesses. Digital technology can help streamline business functions and enhance the customer experience, reducing costs and lifting profits.

AmropCivitas is well-versed in the attraction of the functional areas that will help you build seamless omnichannel sales, true e-care, and digital processes in customer relationship management – talent that is still scarce and hard to find.