A revolution in the consumer sector

Like many other economies of Germany’s size, the consumer and retail sectors have been impacted tremendously during the last 5- 10 years.

Hardly any other sectors have seen the same amount of change and economic impact like the consumer and retail business.

We help our clients stay ahead of the game in this journey. The AmropCivitas Partners in our Consumer & Retail Practice will help you identify your most powerful levers for differentiation and will consult you to find leaders make that plan come true. In today’s world a long and successful track record in the industry is no longer key – the ability to foresee market opportunities and trends and to adapt them to your corporation’s business model and current systems – in a world shaped by complexity and constant change is core.

Our Approach and Focus

The German Consumer & Retail partners successfully leverage Amrop’s global knowledge and thought leadership regarding customer behaviors in 2022.

We profit from bridging knowledge between the different practice groups – our Global Consumer& Retail and Digital Team support our German Partners to adapt knowledge and trends early to our market.

In fact, we enjoy successfully conducting assignments in a broad client spectrum.

Beginning of 2022:

  • We find the start-up team for a major international retailer that is just now entering the German Geography
  • We consult a longstanding client – a blue-chip company – in redesigning their organization to become a truly Digitally minded corporation
  • We build a global talent pipeline for a German retailer for all top 30 functions