A Shifting Landscape

The Industrial landscape is changing at an unprecedented speed and established industry leaders are not just challenged by new industrial players but also by the ongoing transformation of business models and technologies. Germany, at the center of Europe and as one of the largest global economies, is at the forefront of this transformation and still a power house for the industrial world.

Industry 4.0 and Digitalization is disrupting the way manufacturing industries produce and how products are sold. And in parallel the globalization trend is still unbroken making it extremely difficult to control complex supply chains. Industry leaders today cannot focus on one challenge only but must be able to answer multiple demands and uncertainty fast with agility and a clear value-based leadership style.

We are the trusted advisor of our clients to build strong and future oriented management teams that can cope with the challenges of the today’s world.

Approach and Focus

AmropCivitas helps its clients to navigate talent shortage and changing demand for leadership and technical skills. We offer dedicated services in executive search and leadership assessment to help clients to identify and attract the Leaders For What’s Next™ enabling companies to make the most of their resources and to navigate well in an ever faster changing environment. Despite all technological improvements still managers will make the difference by making right decisions and by designing and implementing sustainable business strategies for the future.

Our AmropCivitas partners have detailed insight into the Industrial landscape and are deeply routed with clients and management talents. Together with Amrop’s global Industrial Practice, we deliver top management searches combining sector specific insight with context driven regional understanding, enabling us to identify the C-level leaders that will fit each client’s unique culture, business and strategic goals best.