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Amrop Adria is a leading Executive Search firm in the Adriatic region, with offices in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia). Our regional and sector-specific approach ensures close collaboration with clients and deep insights into their industries.

Beyond traditional recruitment, we offer comprehensive advisory and market insights based on our professional experience and extensive personal networks. We take pride in identifying leaders equipped to navigate 'what's next'.

We specialize in top management, senior executive, and functional mandates. In the Adriatic region, our sector expertise spans Private Equity & Portfolio companies, Consumer Goods & Retail, Financial Services, Technology & Media, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

Amrop Global

We are part of one of the world’s largest leadership and executive search consultancies, with 69 offices in more than 55 countries and a global team of more than 500 professionals.  

Over the past 46 years, we have built a reputation for our focus on quality, talent, and agility. At the heart of our business is a deep connection with our clients. Our goal is simple - to help our clients shape sustainable success and be prepared for ‘What’s Next’.  

Our partnership is distinctive, created over many years by bringing together top local independent search firms across the world. Our strength lies in our collective expertise and track record, which is rooted in local forces that unite in a global network of senior consultants.

Leaders For What's Next

Leaders For What's Next

Amrop boasts a rich history of assisting organizations through periods of change. Steering toward the future of leadership can be likened to alchemy; each organization requires precisely the correct blend of leaders to embark on a new journey. We offer an array of boardroom and leadership solutions tailored to each unique circumstance. Transformation demands agility, perseverance, and endurance.

Committed for the long haul, we stand steadfastly alongside our clients; intimately acquainted with their business, their industry landscape, and their needs, we understand the precise leadership required to drive progress. Much like our clients, we are entrepreneurial spirits, forward-thinking and ready to go above and beyond.


  • We have a forward-thinking approach. Continuously anticipating future trends, we offer invaluable insights to assist you in attracting and retaining senior leaders possessing the vision and determination to drive transformation within your organization.
  • We are deeply integrated. Regardless of your location, you are at the core of our extensive network, linked to on-the-ground experts in your specific markets and to a global community of leaders who align with your dynamic culture.
  • We are adaptable. Prioritizing the individual requirements of our clients, we engage in collaborative, efficient, and flexible work practices to deliver leaders primed for change, ensuring your business is prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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