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What Sets Us Apart

A Unique Approach, Everytime

We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit within the framework of Amrop's partnership. At our core, we hold personal responsibility as a guiding principle in all our endeavors. Our DNA thrives on pioneering initiatives, forging strategic alliances, and nurturing ecosystems.

Dedicated Senior Attention

Our consultants seamlessly blend business development with project execution. This integrated approach ensures that our clients benefit from the personalized touch of a boutique firms. Every engagement is spearheaded by a senior partner, reflecting our commitment to accessibility and accountability.

Tailored to Your Context

Our guidance and strategies are tailor-made for each individual project, meticulously considering the distinct context of every client.

Enduring Client Bonds

Across local markets, we've cultivated enduring relationships with our clients, fostering trust and insights.

Expertise That Matters

We assemble a top-tier international team for our clients, combining industry and functional expertise. In pivotal sectors, we bring partners with extensive business acumen and specialized proficiencies.

Thorough Exploration

Our search process is far from predetermined. We eschew candidate recycling and engage in comprehensive exploration to present the most suitable candidates.

Swift Shortlisting

Experience a shortlisting timeline of 4-6 weeks with the option of a fast track. This empowers clients to interview candidates as soon as they are Qualified, Interested, and Assessed (QIA).

Milestone-Based Billing

Our billing structure aligns with key milestones – initiation, commencement of candidate assessment, and candidate agreement. This ensures shared progress towards success.

Resolute Focus on Results

Our commitment is unwavering – either a candidate is hired, or the client gains confidence in a thorough market search. This empowers alternative decisions with a foundation of evidence and information.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond the search, we provide an array of services, including executive assessment, C-Level succession mapping, outplacement, onboarding, team effectiveness enhancement, and alignment workshops.

Fewer Off-Limits Restrictions

Our entrepreneurial structure minimizes off-limits restrictions. As a result, 95% of target companies are free from this constraint, expanding the talent pool.

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