Key Questions


  • How to build consensus among stakeholders from dispersed geographies, cultures, divisions?
  • How to integrate Leadership Assessment into talent management architecture?
  • Is it better to partner with specialists or deep generalists? Using which tools?
  • How to transform data into business insight?




  • Assessment of external candidates in the executive search process
  • Assessment of internal candidates for senior managerial positions
  • Assessment of senior managers and/or management team/s
    Team development and succession planning


Consolidated Intelligence


Amrop acts as Trusted Advisor for Growth Champions worldwide. Blending customization with precision, we draw on a tried-and-tested range of Leadership Assessment approaches and tools, proposing, not imposing. We bring the consolidated intelligence to help organizations make decisions for a sustainable fit.

The Path of Excellence

Identify strategic challenges and competencies for evaluation. Study organization and culture. Agree on process.


(Recommended) 2 in-depth interviews (business and personal/social). CV analysis, personality test, strategic exercise, reasoning test and simulation. Cross over review or 3600 exercise. Evaluation of individual motivation.

3Reports and Feedback

Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and potential. Self-scoring. Recommendations for success in position. Feedback to participant and client.

4Full Debriefing

Conclusions and recommendations: regarding individual Managers, the Management Team, the organization.

5Follow-up and Knowledge Transfer

Evaluation of process (HR). Follow up on client and on each Manager.

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