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Our History

Amrop is the leading executive search company in Portugal. Founded as Sirca in 1988 by Maria da Glória Ribeiro, it has thus far conducted more than 1500 assignments, decisively contributing to the executive landscape in Portugal.



  • 1988: Establishment of Sirca Portugal by Maria da Glória Ribeiro
  • 1991: Sirca joins Amrop and starts using the name Amrop International Portugal
  • 1994: Amrop Portugal becomes the first service-oriented company to achieve quality certification ((ISO 9002)
  • 2000: Merger between Amrop International and The Hever Group (The Amrop Hever Group)
  • 2008: 20th anniversary of Amrop in Portugal
  • 2009: The global organization rebrands as Amrop. This strategic move reflects a progressive, cohesive and context-driven executive search partnership
  • 2013: 25th anniversary of Amrop in Portugal  
  • 2018: 30th anniversary of Amrop in Portugal
  • 2019: Amrop at Nova SBE, as part of the strategic partnership between Amrop Portugal and Nova SBE, Amrop became the name of a meeting room in the Executive Education Center of the Carcavelos Campus
  • 2020: Maria da Glória Ribeiro is awarded the MBA Hero 2019 distinction from The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club